BlueChip Energy Launches Solar PV System With Battery Back-Up For Hurricane Season


Latest Product To Provide Florida Homeowners With Additional Grid Tied Alternative Energy Security
Lake Mary, FL., August 4, 2010 – BlueChip Energy (BCE), a provider of complete solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, government and utility applications, today announced the introduction of a grid-tied solar energy system with battery back-up power.

The system includes a grid interactive inverter, an Outback Power charge controller, and batteries that are engineered to provide reliable power to Florida residences. The system can provide homeowners with power in the most challenging of environments. Being a grid interactive system, homeowners have the ability to return excess power back to the utility while still having the freedom to use solar power in the event of a power outage.

In Florida, where power can be interrupted by weather, solar panels will convert sunlight into electricity as usual, but will also top off the batteries each day. When utility power goes out, the batteries provide electricity to priority circuits, allowing uninterrupted operation of important loads from four to 12 hours. During the day, batteries are recharged to power a home or office as long as the outage continues.

“Solar-powered battery backups provide an extremely reliable system for keeping the lights and key appliances on – even when the utility power fails. Unlike traditional backup systems that use propane or natural gas, these batteries are powered entirely with clean energy from the sun.” said Lawrence Hefler, spokesman for the company.

BCE’s most popular solar energy system among homeowners is the Fusion 5kW Solar Generator which can generate up to 5000 watts of solar electricity and offset the electric bill for a typical area home by an average of $125 a month. To accommodate the growth in residential and commercial inquiries and installations, the company is actively hiring additional solar energy specialists, business developers, electricians, and solar installers. In June, the company announced a record number of solar installations for the first half of the year.
BlueChip Energy LLC is an alternative energy utility provider delivering turnkey, predictably-priced, renewable energy services for residential, commercial, government, and utility customers. BCE develops, finances, constructs, operates, and monitors solar plants. BCE is a licensed provider of renewable solar energy as a qualifying power production facility of 80 MW, with the right to sell electricity to a utility company. Additional information about the company is available at