BlueChip Energy Leading the Way with Environmental Planning in Solar Farm Development

Sorrento Eagle Dunes Solar Farm Demonstrates Commitment to Environment, Sustainability and Community

ORLANDO, FL., May 4, 2011 – The Sorrento Eagle Dunes Solar Farm, a 40 Megawatt (MW) solar PV generating facility on over 200 acres of rural land in Sorrento, Florida, will provide a number of environmental and social benefits making it a leader in the environmental planning of a large utility-scale solar farm. This environmental consciousness includes both the protection and preservation of sensitive species and an emphasis on local employment and service contracts.

Special aspects of the environmental planning and sustainable solar construction include fencing, buffer zones, habitat, vegetation, and security. Construction techniques will eliminate grading, roads and drainage ditches, and follow the contours of the land while leaving the topography and natural environment intact.

“BlueChip Energy is committed to developing the project in an environmentally responsible manner, maintaining the integrity of the site before and after construction especially with regard to sensitive features, and to follow up on project related commitments.” said Jerry Guthmiller, Vice President of Operations.

Upon completion of construction, the Sorrento Solar Farm will be a passive facility requiring minimum maintenance. It has no moving parts, no emissions, and makes no sound. The project places no economic burden on the community, no increase in traffic, and zero impact to water and sewer facilities.

“The Sorrento Solar Farm offers unique considerations in design and construction of solar farms. There is a broad range of flora and fauna located on the site and we are taking great care to minimize and mitigate any impact to the site and the habitants.” Guthmiller added.

As a clean-air project, the Sorrento Solar Farm is ideal to co-exist with neighboring land uses. It will provide an opportunity to combine electrical generation and agricultural land-uses, such as small animal grazing and aviary activities.

The Sorrento project will be the largest private solar plant in the State of Florida and one of the largest solar PV projects in the United States. The annual power generated from the solar plant will displace over 25,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year and generate an estimated 64 million kilowatt hours annually – enough to fulfill the average annual electricity needs of as many as 8,000 area homes.

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