BlueChip Energy Named Preferred Contractor in Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) Network

Alternative energy provider now an approved contractor for solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems


Lake Mary, FL., December 07, 2010 – BlueChip Energy™, a provider of complete solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, government and utility applications, today announced it has been named a preferred contractor in Orlando Utilities Commission’s (OUC) Preferred Contractor Network. BlueChip Energy is now one of the few contractors approved for solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems.

BCE meets the preferred contractor requirements and is committed to OUC Standards of Conduct & Code of Ethics including professionalism, a responsibility to customers, the trade and industry, and the community. Preferred contractor requirements include:

  1. Ability to service OUC’s territory.
  2. Contacting customers within one business day after being solicited.
  3. Minimum of three years experience as a contractor related to solar installation expertise.
  4. Meeting the requirements of OUC’s drug policy.
  5. Having a statewide criminal and employee background check procedure as part of their company policy.
  6. Being licensed as required by the city, county, state, and/or federal government.
  7. Complying with all local, state, and federal regulations – environmental or otherwise.
  8. Furnishing a copy of the insurance certificate for all insurances required in the Basis of Contract.

OUC provides solar PV customers a monthly credit of $0.05/kWh for every kWh produced by their system and solar thermal customers a monthly credit of $0.03/kWh for every kWh produced by their system. OUC is a municipal utility owned by the citizens of Orlando that provides electricity and water services.

BlueChip Energy LLC is an alternative energy utility provider delivering turnkey, predictably-priced, renewable energy services for residential, commercial, government, and utility customers. BCE develops, finances, constructs, operates, and monitors solar plants. BCE is a licensed provider of renewable solar energy as a qualifying power production facility of 80 MW, with the right to sell electricity to a utility company.