BlueChip Energy To Provide 25kW Solar Photovoltaic System For Abio Corporation

Expected To Be One Of The Largest Private Commercial Solar PV Installations In Central Florida


Lake Mary, FL., May 4, 2010 – BlueChip Energy™, a provider of complete solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, and utility applications, today announced that it has started the installation of a 25kW solar generator system to provide renewable energy for Abio Corporation in Orlando.

The system is ideally suited for a small business and is expected to help offset the electric bills of the company by over $7000 per year. The Fusion™ 25kW Solar Generator was developed specifically for commercial applications. The system will produce 25,000 watts of electricity from Florida sunlight. 25,000 watts of electricity can power light commercial office buildings and warehouses with 100% green energy that does not create any carbon emissions. It’s the equivalent of preventing 18 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) from being released.

Abio Corporation invents products and manufactures them in the United States. Their goal is to make the best innovative products that will help people live a better life. “We chose alternative energy because we want to reduce our manufacturing costs and remain competitive in the new and ever changing international business community. We selected BlueChip because they are a local company that helps with local employment and advances technical skills for its employees”, said Phillip Mark, Owner and President of Abio Corporation.

The Fusion 25kW Solar Generator System will consist of 110 mono-crystalline solar modules rated at 230 watts, and five 5kW inverters. BlueChip Energy will provide the design and installation. Monocrystalline solar modules are the most efficient available, minimizing the footprint of the system. The system will be mounted on the rooftop of the Abio location on Kingspointe Parkway in Orlando. The solar modules carry a 25 year limited power warranty guaranteeing energy production for 25 years.

“Abio Corporation now has a solar electric system that will help reduce their long term energy costs. Should electricity rates increase in the coming years, the dollar value of the energy produced by the system will increase proportionately” said Tom Cernera, Vice President, Commercial Sales for BlueChip Energy.
With the Federal Tax Credit and the State of Florida solar energy rebate, the cost of the Fusion 25kW system has been dramatically reduced for small companies like Abio Corporation. The Florida solar rebate expires on June 30th, 2010.

BlueChip Energy LLC is an alternative energy utility provider delivering turnkey, predictably-priced, renewable electricity supply services for residential, commercial, government, and utility customers. The company develops, finances, constructs, operates, and monitors solar plants. BCE is a licensed provider of renewable solar energy as a qualifying power production facility of 80 MW, with the right to sell electricity to a utility. Additional information about the company is available at