Commercial Services

Solar power is the answer for any business looking for a way to reduce their operating costs and their overall electric consumption. Businesses like Walmart, BJs, and Kohl’s are now generating up to 30% of their electricity straight from the sun, helping to lower their carbon footprint. BCE’s commercial and industrial solar solutions convert free, abundant sunlight into electricity to operate your lighting, equipment, tools, refrigeration, HVAC systems and typical everyday electricity dependent systems.

A commercial level solar power plant allows you to decrease your exposure to volatile fuel rate driven electricity prices and stabilize your long-term retail energy rates. Upon system activation, you realize immediate energy savings and with each future utility rate increase, your savings and ROI increase exponentially.

BCE can guide you through the solar process by determining the best solar solution, pinpointing any federal, state and regional rebate programs and even arrange financing.

To view a few of BCE’s commercial projects, please review our portfolio. (insert link to projects here)

Commercial Solar Solutions

Mono- and Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panels

BlueChip Energy™ solar modules provide outstanding energy delivery for the most demanding commercial and industrial applications. Our modules, unlike other companies, are Buy American compliant and meet The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) requirements. BCE offers both mono- and polycrystalline panels ranging from 190 to 410 Watts. Whether you’re looking for a stand alone, ground or rooftop mount system, BCE’s solar panels are the clear choice.

Solar Generator Kits

BlueChip Energy™ offers the Fusion™ line of solar generator kits designed for commercial and industrial applications. The kits come complete with the components needed for standard installation – panels, inverters, racking systems and all hardware. Optional component packages are available for items like monitoring, engineering design services or electrical supplies. All kits are pre-engineered to optimize system performance and meet applicable NEC codes and requirements. Each kit contains detailed installation, operation and maintenance manuals making it easy for a licensed electrician or solar contractor to install.

Custom Solar Plants

BCE can assist you in developing a specialized solar power plant to meet your specific power needs. As a full service company, we have engineering, electrical and installation staff in-house to work with you to plan, develop, permit, install, and if needed, maintain your custom solar plant. A custom solar plant makes great sense for companies that have large commercial or industrial buildings with flat roofs or 5+ acres of unused land.

Solar Rebates/Incentives

The government is making solar energy more affordable for large commercial applications with tax credit programs and rebates. Federal tax credits and regional public utility rebates can help pay for a substantial percentage of your system and installation. State government agencies may offer additional incentives as well. BCE works with our clients to determine which rebate and incentive programs are applicable and we can assist you in preparing federal and state tax credit program applications and local utility rebate submissions.

  • Sale Tax Exemption: Solar energy systems have been exempt from Florida’s sales and use tax since July 1, 1997. Many other states also offer the same tax exemption. Vendors of solar energy systems or components are required to document exempt sales.
  • Tax Credits: Specific federal, regional, and state tax laws permit homeowners to credit the purchase price of their solar power systems against their annual tax bill.
  • Solar Rebates: Regional utilities may offer solar rebate payments to homeowners based on the size of the solar power system
  • Net Metering: Regional utilities may offer a credit on a homeowner’s bill for excess solar electricity provided to the utility but not used by the home
  • Performance-Based Incentives and Feed-in Tariffs: Regional utilities purchase solar generated kWh at specific rates or prices for specified periods of time when the kWh are delivered to the utility grid
  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs): REC transactions occur in many regions based on the production of clean power; utilities purchase a specific number of RECs from clean power generators, including solar, to meet mandated Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). RECs may also be traded on an open market to willing buyers.
  • Net Metering-Commercial: Regional utilities may offer a credit for excess solar electricity added to the utility grid from the customer’s own solar system; excess solar electricity typically may not exceed the customer’s own annual load.

Purchase & Financing Options

BlueChip Energy™ understands the need for flexibility in your solar power purchase and provides several different financing options to fit your budget. To make commercial solar projects as affordable as possible, BlueChip Energy™ offers customers various financing options:

  • Solar System Purchase – Organizations with strong balance sheet may decide to make a cash purchase for their solar panel system. If you have the cash or credit resources to purchase solar power, it is generally the best option for companies that wish to take full advantage of ROI, tax benefits and depreciation write-offs.
  • Solar System Lease – BlueChip Energy™ offers our commercial customers the unique opportunity to roll out a national or global commercial solar energy program with predictable pricing and absolutely no capital outlay. A solar power generating facility lease agreement is a good option for companies with good credit that generally can’t use the tax benefits such as credits or depreciation write-offs.