BlueChip Energy, LLC (BCE) is a fully-integrated solar PV power generator, occupying all segments of the solar power value chain, from manufacturing of solar panels and balance of systems components, to the sale of turnkey solar power plants – and electricity – to utility, commercial and residential customers. BCE develops finances, constructs, operates, and monitors solar plants for companies and individuals, as well as for its own portfolio.

BlueChip Energy provides EPC for utility scale solar projects. Among them, the Rinehart Solar Farm (10 MW) and the Sorrento Solar Farm (40 MW phase I), are approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) as self-certified small power production facilities, or Qualified Facilities (QFs) . This requires the local utility to provide interconnection to them and purchase the electricity they produce. Additionally, these two solar farms have received approval to operate as Exempt Wholesale Generators (EWGs), providing the facilities with undisputed access to the power distribution network. FERC has also granted the company Market-Based Rate Authorization, allowing BCE to purchase and sell wholesale electricity and offer renewable energy products to customers.

BCE has exceptional potential for growth in the coming years, both in existing solar photovoltaic plants and those that are under construction. To realize this goal in the long term, BCE’s strategy of vertical integration establishes a presence on each segment of the solar power value chain. We see the solar power value chain containing three major categories that encompass each segment of the overall solar power value chain.

BCE vertically integrated solar value chain



– Launched new generation of laser technology and laser products tailored to applications in the solar panel fabrication industry


– Launched assembly of high efficiency 240 Watt monocrystalline panels that meet Buy American Act


– BlueChip Energy formed as vertically integrated full service solar provider with Advanced Solar Photonics (ASP) as manufacturing subsidiary


– Approved as Qualifying Facility to produce and sell up to 80 megawatts of power
– Signed agreement with Progress Energy Florida for the purchase of electricity generated from solar farms.
– Started development of 10 MW Rinehart Solar Farm in Lake Mary, FL
– Introduced Blackstar, TruBlu and I-Series modules
– Expanded manufacturing facility to 75 MW of annual production


– Announced development of Smart Module and Glass-to-Glass Series modules
– Expanded manufacturing facility to reach up to 100 MW of annual production
– Completed 1.2 MW rooftop phase of Rinehart Solar Farm
– Announced development and groundbreaking of 40 MW Sorrento Solar Farm in Florida
– Announced expansion of Sorrento Solar Farm to 100 MW (Phases I and II of 40MW & 60MW)

Industry Firsts

What makes BCE a leader and pioneer in the solar power industry?
– First solar company to power it’s own production facility with a rooftop power plant
– First alternative energy utility services provider in Florida with 80 MW scheduled capacity
– First to introduce the distributed alternative utility concept in Florida
– First to implement the integrated approach to solar power generation principles
– Developing the first private 10 MW photovoltaic solar power plant in Central Florida.