Electricity Sales

PV power plants only deliver full returns on investments when they are running both smoothly and efficiently at all times, thus maximizing returns and avoiding downtime. Compliance with regulations, standards and keeping a fixed maintenance schedule contribute to the optimized operation of the plant. In order to provide outstanding O&M services for each BCE system, the following services are provided.

Optimize Performance

  • BCE’s solar plants average uptime percentage in the high 90’s.
  • Regularly scheduled performance tests are conducted to guarantee each system is producing the maximum level of energy.

System Monitoring and Fault Management

  • Real-time monitoring of all systems and output characteristics allow for immediate failure response and correction. Monitoring results are automatically logged in a database for the lifetime of each system, allowing retrieval and comparison of data.
  • Any faults are logged and forwarded immediately to the appropriate party for action and correction/ maintenance.

Inspection and Maintenance

  • All components are inspected regularly; this includes the panels, racking systems, electrical systems and grid connections. Any items not operating at 100% are replaced immediately.
  • Due to BCE’s relationship with ASP, all replacement panels and parts are available without delay in acquisition.

Upkeep and Repair

  • BCE specialists carry out all technical operations, maintenance and repair work. Personnel are located on-site and have scheduled inspection and maintenance programs that help to ensure the upkeep and operation of the system at full capacity.
  • The grounds of each system are also included in the upkeep. Careful attention to wildlife habitats and foliage growth are observed and handled in the appropriate manner.
  • All perimeter fencing is maintained and inspected for security purposes.