Government Services

BlueChip Energy™ is an American company that takes pride in easing federal obstacles economically. While striving to reduce our energy dependence, lower the cost of electricity and develop more solar renewable sources, BlueChip Energy™ is also creating American jobs.

Why Choose BlueChip Energy™ Solar Systems?

Partnering with leading manufacturers and complimented by finance and technology partners, BlueChip Energy™ solar systems offer the most cost effective solar solutions available to the federal market. As a part of the SEIA board, receiving DOE research funding and aligning with the goals of U.S. federal and state incentives, BlueChip Energy™ solar systems are uniquely positioned to assist in achieving EPACT renewable energy mandates.

BlueChip Energy™ solar systems offer a vast range of solar products and capabilities, delivered by a highly experienced team and managed by a single point-of-contact quickly and economically. BlueChip Energy™ solutions are built on a foundation that includes over 30 years of PV industry experience. BlueChip Energy™ solar capabilities range from research and development to production of multiple technologies. Insight and expertise have been applied to many federally-based projects in recent years. Overall, BlueChip Energy™ solar systems provide a unique proficiency in the selection and integration of your solutions components.

We do it all:

  • Federal Procurement Practices – BlueChip Energy™ has the experience in working with complex purchasing methods and meeting the requirements of federal agencies
  • Federal Stimulus Bill – Through direct legislation efforts and solar industry involvement, BlueChip Energy™ understands the goals and guidelines of funds available
  • Federal Payback Model – BlueChip Energy™ utilizes a proprietary model tailored to government agency customers that leverage federal and private sector funds and ownership practices
  • Federal Site Requirements – Direct experience and existing federal agency teaming agreements make procurement processing simple and efficient
  • Community Benefits – BlueChip Energy™ connects government customers to private sector funding, local community labor, construction and sister agency work forces
  • BlueChip Energy™ Solar Systems Services
    • – Site & Financial Analysis
    • – Access to Key Materials
    • – Monitoring & Maintenance
    • – Access to Federal Funding
    • – System Design & Engineering
    • – Installation & Interconnection

Achieve EPACT Compliance

BlueChip Energy™ solar systems implements turnkey solutions that encompass tailored engineering system designs, take advantage of the ARRA and give federal customers access to private and state funding by offering an extensive range of PV technologies and capabilities that can be tailored to achieve EPACT mandated renewable energy guidelines.

Being federally-focused allows BlueChip Energy™ solar systems the opportunity to concentrate solely on achieving EPACT mandates and easing budget constraints through stimulus bill, payback model, procurement practices, building requirements and creating American-based jobs.

BCE provides Solutions for Government and Federal Projects
(CCR Registration #5PFN6)

  • Analysis: BlueChip Energy will conduct an on-site assessment of your energy needs and solar production potential.
  • Design: From that assessment, we design a photovoltiac power system that utilizes the latest technologies, materials and designs to optimize solar energy production.
  • Construction: We will act as a General Contractor and EPC manage the entire construction process including logistics and the utility interconnect process.
  • Certification and Operation: We manage the complete solar power certification process and perform testing to identify baseline use and savings. We then activate your system and generate clean, renewable energy from the sun.
  • Monitoring: Using state-of-the-art, technology, we continually monitor and control system performance.
  • Maintenance: When needed, we deploy certified technicians quickly to keep systems running at optimal levels.

 BlueChip Energy™ Benefits:

  • Quickly deployed photovoltaic solar energy
  • Short installation time, saving up to $3.5M on a 10MW project
  • Transparency in energy delivered and financial savings
  • Immediate energy savings
  • Predictable long-term energy costs
  • More energy and more savings (BlueChip Energy™ systems have always performed at more
    than 100% of expected generation)
  • Maximized use of solar investment credits and other solar incentives
  • Assistance with public outreach and communications on environmental leadership

Purchase Options

Cash Solar System Purchase – Organizations with strong balance sheet may decide to make a cash purchase for their solar panel system. If you have the cash or credit resources to purchase solar power, it is generally the best option for companies that wish to take full advantage of ROI, tax benefits and depreciation write-offs.

Solar System Lease – A solar power generating facility lease agreement is a good option for companies with good credit that generally can’t use the tax benefits such as credits or depreciation write-offs.

Contracts – Contractual terms vary. Contracts ensure a guaranteed deliverance in energy, with a set percentage of renewable energy.