Utility Services

According to the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), utility companies are required by law to have a percentage of their energy produced from solar energy. The goal is to have 20% energy production from renewable sources by 2020. To help America lessen it’s dependence on traditional resources, BlueChip Energy™ is developing a portfolio of solar projects to produce clean, renewable electricity for utility and municipal customers.

For utility applications, BlueChip Energy’s model features the lowest cost structure in building a solar farm, through complete vertical integration of our solar power value chain. The ability to provide our customers with every major component and service needed without involving third party vendors (and the associated price mark-ups) allows BCE to offer an effective solution that reduces overall costs and expedites facility launch.

Our turnkey systems provide high performing crystalline solar panel modules that are ideal for utility scaled applications. The ground mount racking system provides an environmentally friendly solution with almost no ecological impact due to a reduced footprint.

For major companies who have available land to implement a solar facility, the benefits of installing a utility-scale power plant are numerous. The reduction in energy usage costs alone is a driving force and being able to market a “green” facility is a positive impact on both customers and stakeholders alike.

Municipalities understand the importance of controlling energy usage and often have the available land to install a solar facility. BCE works with municipalities to determine the appropriately sized solar power plant and provides the engineering and technical expertise to take advantage of renewable energy.

Let BCE assist you in meeting your utility-scale goals.